Acne No More – A Comprehensive Acne Treatment Plan

Today, I will be talking about Acne No More an acne product I have tested and trusted and want to recommend to all my readers. I will share briefly my encounter with it and write a brief review about good the book, I really want you to deal once and for all with that acne problem.

I got to paste know about this acne cure system called  Acne No More in 2004. The treatment guide was just a year then and I decided to give it a try because of the testimonials I read about it.

Though reluctantly. I Casinos in Iowa was reluctant because I had tried many of such and got no result so this one look so much like another heartbreak to me. But I summoned courage and got the Acne No More eBook and started the treatment.

An overview of the claims put forward by acne no more

In case you are keen, you will agree and even support the fact that exaggerations in marketing are a well recognized practice. Although it is one which even accompanies which provide very excellent products don’t do, still there are a few claims which are fairly dubious:

  • That 95% of all the people who treat acne usually end up worse compared to when they started.
  • That well known acne drugs such as accutane or antibiotics, lotions, creams and ointments do not work and that they can easily significantly aggravate your already worrying skin condition.
  • That all men and women who previously suffered from acne had their acne fade away in a matter of weeks others even days (acne) never to return again.


Just so you know, acne treatment works mainly because genuine research has shown and proved that they work. Treatment includes anti biotics which in case you are not aware are not necessarily the best treatment choice.
In addition to all of the above, it is also very important to understand the fact that, acne cannot be cured in days. This is mainly because it grows beneath the skin overtime before reaching the surface. Just so you know, once it’s growing, it cannot be stopped. It is very important to note that it is incredibly unlikely that as such as 95% of acne sufferers end up worse than they started. Such claims are extremely suspicious and are not backed up by any research or concrete evidence.

Detailed overview of the acne no more system components

Acne no more is a comprehensive non medical acne treatment system that is characteristic of numerous strategies all of which are designed with the sole intention of treating acne. In spite of the above, many users have reported having problems with acne no more system. In particular, the incredible amount of fasting, dietary changes as well as weight loss all of which are largely associated with the system are simply some of the issues raised by previous users.
So far, there has been very little research evidence to support the fact that diet affects acne in any particular way though with the possible exception of high glycemic carbohydrates and a range of dairy products. You will be glad to learn that there are several vitamins and minerals which have been found to help relieve acne. The most important thing to note however is the fact that a little change to your diet will go a long way in helping prevent acne from being formed. It may however seem rather unusual to have serious dietary changes as part of any cleansing system.
In addition to the above, you will agree and support the fact that fasting and serious changes can end up affecting the body negatively. This is clearly supported by the fact that there are a good number of users who have previously reported losing more than 20 pounds of weight on in the process of using the acne system. There are users who have admitted to having lost as much as 20 pounds of weight on acne system. Unfortunately, this amount of severe weight loss can rarely be realized without a health cost especially when it is as a result of exercising and balanced eating.

Below is a list of the main component of the acne no more system. They include:

  • Juice cleanse
  • greatly reduced intake of fats
  • Raw food dieting
  • Skin detoxification

Juice cleanses are notoriously unsafe. In fact, while most people are usually under the impression that they purge the body of toxins, the truth is that these cleanses usually have not effect at all compared to placebo.


Mike Walden’s Acne No More system

The first thing I noticed with the guide was that the author – Mike Walden, claimed to be a licensed and please certified nutrition expert, a researcher and that he also suffered acne. This got me interested and keen to read through the book and see what he has to say.

Acne No More

If he is many a researcher he must have discovered something I need to know, if he is a certified nutritionist then this natural cure procedures he is speaking about could just be true. And to crown it all he said he has also suffered acne in the past. Meaning he understands how I feel. I kept reading to the end, I was so eager now to apply what he said so I started reading carefully this time and making notes of what to do and how to do it. I got through with the reading and jottings the following day evening. And I began immediately to religiously follow the program.

There was a problem I had when I saw the advert of the eBook. I wondered how an eBook will cure my acne. What I had used before was Online gambling us lotions, herbs, creams, soaps and drugs. At that time I never knew there was or were eBooks with programs or tips for acne cure. The time I took to go through the  book vividly was what cleared my doubts.

As I began applying what I learn I noticed that in few days (can’t remember exactly how many days now) I felt a little different. I started noticing that my face was getting cleared. Though I’m it was slow, I was a kind of pleased and encouraged to continue.

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The Truth About The Program

The pains I was feeling from the chronic cyst was the first thing that disappeared. The acne scars, spots, and blemishes all vanished gradually. In all, it was about six weeks and my acne was gone but I continue with it because there were little spots here and there. Whatever the level or phase of your acne this program is for you. Some have got their acne treated in just a week. It was in this book that I learned all the types of acne and their manifestations. I was able to also diagnose my acne. And apply the appropriate treatment.

This eBook has been around for 11th years. It was first launched in 2004. Today, it has helped over 138,000 acne sufferers (me inclusive) in 157 nations. A book of this consistency and result is sure worth giving a try. This book has been revised over and over to meet up with current trends and challenges. It latest revisions were in January 2015.

Mike Walden’s Acne No More Review Video:

What You Will Get in This Current Version of The Book: the book is divided into the following 5 categories – he calls them pillars.

  • Detoxification Diet Plan
  • Supplementation and Candida Eradication Plan
  • Cleansing and Eliminating nutrition. Affordable nutrition that will help cleanses and eliminate acne
  • Stress Control and Sleep Optimization. Learn how you can reduce your stress level and sleep well

You Will Gain the Following in the eBook

  • You will discover all the causes of acne
  • The types of acne
  • How to restore natural acidity/alkaline balance in the body
  • The significance of reducing stress, quality sleep, exercise & how all these affect your acne
  •  Dealing with the internal issues of acne. I consider this the most important aspect. Because like my case, I was busy trying to cure the symptoms and ignoring the root cause which was an internal disorder.

The book is good because it’s natural, safe and holistic. I have tried it myself so I know what I’m talking about. I noticed this updated version is better than what we had in 2004. But, of course, that’s a mark of a good researcher and product – Growth and improvement. If you notice all the 5 points I mentioned above about pillars in the book are all around his expertise. So he really knows what he is talking about.

How to Use the eBook

  • After getting a copy read it through to get an idea of what it’s talking about
  • Read again. This time more carefully with a notebook to jot.
  • Be consistent with the program.
  • Have a before photo of your face or any other affected area.
  • Monitor and note the progress.

Possible causes of acne reduction

Weight loss component is something which should be studied further even before referring to acne no more system as safe. Just so you know, studies have shown that severe caloric restriction (or better yet fasting) can actually decrease acne greatly. This is mainly supported by the fact that the body stops producing a lot of oil which in turn makes almost impossible for bacteria is unable to grow.  It is however very important to note that these types of diets are extremely dangerous and might easily end up hurting the body far much more than they help. It is because of this that some of those who have undergone the  system have seen results.

This eBook – Acne No More costs just $37 and it comes with a 2 months Money Back Guarantee. So why not give it a try today.

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