Common Myths About Acne

Common Myths About Acne– Many people think acne is the result of chocolates and many believe this to happen with sex. But both of these type people are wrong. These are just the myths made by their own. This may be due to the fact that some foods worsen the problem of acne, but it does not mean that food should not be eaten by other people who don’t have an acne problem.

The food rich in carbohydrates can flare up acne. Our body needs more and more glucose for the proper functioning of the cells, which may be caused with the excess insulin in the body. With the growth of the testosterone in higher quantity helps in encouraging acne. Various myths about the causes of the acne with its treatment are:

Acne Problem from Sexual Activity

Acne is not caused by any sexual activity. When the puberty stage reaches in human‘s life, it experiences various hormonal changes, which are the main cause of acne.

Dirty Skin Is the Main Cause of Acne

Melanin pigment helps to bring the natural color to your skin. It may look like dirt which makes you feel that your skin is dirty, the reason of acne. Scrubbing your skin daily may cause acne worse and can give irritation or itching to your skin. Hence, for this purpose, the skin should be washed with a mild cleanser or gentle soap in order to avoid dryness to the skin.

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Cosmetics Can Harm Acne

It may be true to say that acne problems can’t be cured through the cosmetics. Moreover, it worsens its effect due to the oily and greasy substance cosmetics contain. But there are so many items that are used to control the acne problem like sunscreen lotions, foundations and moisturizers. So, we can’t go through with this fact that cosmetic only harm the acne but is a boon too. However, non-acnegenic products can be used for controlling acne.

Acne Is Only for Teenagers

We can’t say this because you can have acne in any age group. Many adult women complain about acne due to the hormonal imbalance, which may affect the menstrual cycle. There are some drugs that may lead to acne.

Sunlight Can Help Acne to Go

Sunlight is good for the skin because it dry out the existing pimples, but it can’t prevent the new acne from forming. Excess sunlight exposure may cause sunburns, so it would be better to use the sunscreen with SPF 15 that will protect your skin with great care.

Foods May Also Aggravate Acne

There are some foods that contain oils and fats, which are harmful to acne. But that doesn’t mean that every food can make acne worse. However, it should be checked once if you get acne with any food and it goes off if you leave the food for some time. That may be true to some extent.

However, there are other myths too like acne can be caused by stress or it can be removed if we squeeze them. But no acne can only be caused if you have taken some pills that have side effects. Squeezing it may leave a mark on the face. So, it is good to think before taking any step regarding acne.