Permanent Natural Acne Treatment

Natural acne care is intended to create flawless skin, without the use of harsh chemicals. Natural acne skin treatments will lead to the appearance of a softer, cleaner clearer skin, eliminating pimples, blackheads, and breakouts. The first part of natural acne treatment includes increasing the consumption of water on a daily basis.

Drink Water:

It is commonly known that a majority of the human body is water, so increasing our water consumption will have the additional benefit of flushing out toxins and waste products as well as enhancing the natural treatment of acne, and enabling clear and beautiful skin.  An appropriate level of water hydration can be obtained by consuming 10 glasses or 64 ounces of water, which safely and naturally cleanse the body by flushing out the toxins. Drinking an adequate amount of water is reflected directly on your skin.

Get Adequate Sleep:

Sleep is necessary to rejuvenate your immune system. A University of California study revealed that sleep deprivation increases the number of cytokines in the blood. The inflammatory properties of cytokines aggravate conditions like acne, which is the body’s defense mechanism reacting to foreign substances present in the skin. When you are suffering from sleep deprivation, you will have an increase in stress.

Stress can influence the chemical composition of your skin and lead to acne, especially when it begins to influence your immune system. You need to make sure that you get a proper amount of rest, at least 8 hours a day. When I don’t get enough sleep, I look both stressed out and I get pimples, which can in turn increase stress, causing a viscous circle.

Get Regular Exercise:

It doesn’t matter whether you are doing some domestic chores, walking or working out at a gym, as long as you get your heart rate increased for a prolonged period of 20 minutes or more daily. Physical exercise is a healthy and safe measure for acne care and has far reaching benefits that include cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, immuno-endocrine, and psychological benefits as well.  Prolonged periods of inactivity may engender a slow metabolism, stress, acne, cellulite as a result of atrophy and bloat. Exercise remains a potent safe and natural acne care measure because it has the same effect as water in cleansing our system, inside and out. Exercise has an extremely powerful, safe and natural effect on acne because it helps to cleanse our system, inside and out. You will notice that the cleansing has a positive effect on your skin. In reality, the premise of natural acne treatment is based on the cleansing properties associated with exercise.

Habitual Skin Exfoliation:

Regularly exfoliating with a dry brush eliminates dead skin cells and helps detoxify the surface of the skin.  Using a soft, natural bristle brush to exfoliate improves blood and lymph circulation, and can decrease puffiness as well.   You should always clean your face before sleeping. Otherwise, all the impurities that have accumulated there throughout the day will remain on your skin as you sleep.

Effective Skin Hygiene:

The idea that hot water is effective for cleansing may be a bit deceptive.  It has a tendency to rapidly dry the skin, which will eventually clog the pores and lead to trapped oil in the pore.  Cold water will also trap oil, clogging the pores. You should only wash the skin with cold water when it is already perfectly clean.

Home Treatments?

Most of them simply don’t have any basis in fact, so don’t bother with the rumor of the day, with respect to honey masks or benzyl peroxide and moisturizer.

Give your Digestive system some Help:

There are a couple of culprits to point at where diet is concerned. There is no obscuring the direct correlation between healthy skin and proper diet.  It’s no surprise then that in addition to acne and other skin conditions, people who have acne may also demonstrate symptoms of IBS, constipation and other digestive dysfunction. The likely culprit with respect to digestive disorder is the inadequate level of fiber consumption, most people generally consume an average of only 10 -15 grams of fiber daily.

The National Academy of Sciences Food and Nutrition Board published a 2002 study, recommending 38g of fiber for Men aged 19-50 years, with  31g is recommended for Men over 51 years. The recommendation for women from 19 to 50 years of age is 25 grams of fiber and for women over the age of 50, 21 grams is the recommended amount.

Cauliflower, whole grains, and cereals, beans, and legumes are among those foods to consume to increase the fiber in your diet.